La Bayadere Shenanigans

Just when I thought my experience at The Australian Ballet’s adult ballet class were as star-strucking as it gets, today I shared a changing room with one of the professional dancers of the La Bayadere production that’s opening next week. I even got a glimpse of the rehearsal and be in the presence of all the dancing greatness the whole production possessed.

Say whaaaat… Yes I am very very star struck.

I didn’t get her name but she was extremely friendly. At first I thought she was one of the students attending the Pilates lesson that runs concurrently with my class. I didn’t glance her way at all because I was in a rush to change. I obviously didn’t have that long-legged and lean ballerina physique, she must be wondering what I was doing in the changing room when she asked, “So, what actually goes on here on Saturdays?”

I answered her question and this time taking a good look at her. She was definitely not in my class, she didn’t have a pilates mat, then I saw the pointe shoes. I asked her if she was one of the dancers of the company, she told me dances for an overseas company and is currently back in Australia to recupperate from a pointe injury as well as help out with La Bayadere (it’s a massive production piece). I wanted to jump and scream Eeeeeecks but all I could muster was Ooooh… wooow. Seriously didn’t know how to react to such greatness omgoodness.

She was obviously there for the rehearsals, which I manage to catch a glimpse after my class. For privacy purposes I couldn’t really snap a photo of them though I was incredibly tempted to. But I got the chance to see all the prop boxes and tutus (not in picture).




 Just suddenly seeing all that happening and all the excitement buzzing in the studio and all the sweat and effort shown by the dancers made me swellll. I ran straight down to box office right after that and bought myself a ticket, I needed to see this. I’ve already seen so much that 99% of the audience probably can’t see and experience, I have to take the whole package and experiencing everything. The atmosphere when passing the rehearsal studio made me feel as though I was transported into Dance Academy itself, right through the tv screen and beloved cast I adore (just that this is Melbourne that is Sydney). I was already living it by going to the classes but seeing actual production prep… incredible.

I am beyond excited! Despite having a mid-sem test the monday right after (whatever happened to studying harder). Mum wasn’t the happiest with my decision and I won’t want to know my father’s. I’ve busted a precious $69 of my own savings which is pretty much gold for financially struggling uni student like me.

Don’t worry.. I’ll work my butts off this week (I’d better or I’ll die)


Stay happy. Stay focussed. Stay productive.