The iPhone chase


I remember last Thursday, the line wrapping around Westfield from the Apple store and people with their tents and foldable chairs just camping out for that iPhone 6. It’s a big deal for Apple fans who have their own dollars to spend. I am an Apple fan myself and I use absolutely everything Mac related from my laptop to earphones.

I really wasn’t expecting to get an iPhone 6. All the phones that I’ve ever used were hand-me-downs from my dad. He believed as the oldest of the family, he deserved the latest technology, I get the one he had and he gets the new. So I’ve been using his iPhone 4s for about 2 years now, it’s life with me doesn’t include the life it had with my dad, which I can’t remember.

It has been really faithful to me I must say and I can’t imagine myself without it. But recently it has been hanging and freezing in the midst of my important tasks, eg: snapping important notes during lab work (the 21st century student way). I’m one of those few people with the 4 while others have been frolicking with the 5 and brand new fat Samsungs. My friends have been getting phone upgrades and they’ve been pestering me to get mine upgraded too, well…. I was waiting for the money to drop from the sky but it never did.

Last Thursday on the bus, my phone fell and crack. The glass behind the perfectly designed iPhone had a massive slit. After 2 years with me scratch free, it had to this to me. iPhones are famous for glass cracking, especially the 4 and mine magically never did despite so many falls. It just had to that day.

“It’s about time”, said my friend. “Time for an upgrade, you need a new phone.”

To my surprise, the next day my dad said “Let’s go phone shopping, this will be your 20th birthday present”.


My heart was jumping everywhere and for the first time I’ll be getting a new phone, MY NEW PHONE.

Excitement didn’t last long though. Due to massive iPhone 6 demands, the waiting list for the phone were at least 2 weeks, I couldn’t get my phone immediately, I was just jumping around so much. I couldn’t believ it. Deep down I was just heartbroken, despite showing my dad a strong face and saying It’s alright.

Maybe I wasn’t meant to have the phone. What are my relatives gonna say? Such a spoilt girl, getting it just after a week’s release. Just because I mixed with a privileged bunch of kids doesn’t mean I should have the right of an upgrade too, I should be satisfied with whatever crack given to me. I’m going on a mission trip soon, those kids don’t even have food. Here I am upset about No Phone. Seriously a first-world problem kid right there.

Then I decided to walk into JB-HIFI (an Australian electronic store).

“How long is the wait for the iPhone 6?” Because I knew there wouldn’t be any anyway, I was going with the store with the shortest wait.

“We have them here, what colour are you after?”


I feel. Even though I didn’t pray for it. God made me walk in there. God made them have stock. God blessed me with a new phone. God is good. He probably wants me to have the phone after all. wheeeeeweeeee

I became the jumping 5 year old again.

I am blessed. I am really blessed to be in a family and amazing dad to suddenly want to bless me with a phone and just breaking the tradition of hand-me-downs (seriously didn’t expect it). I didn’t even do anything spectacular to earn this reward.

It’s like my Father in Heaven. I disappointed Him so many times, sinned, stubborn, just being a plain idiot like any idiot being an idiot. He still gives. He still loves. He still embraces me. He comforts me still when I need Him.

It doesn’t just come in iPhones. It comes in so many other forms. Most importantly it’s His mercy and love.

God is good.