Music. Dance. Shbaangs.

I’ve encountered way too much awesome stuff on the internet this week. This post is going to be a post of randoms. You will finally discover how random my brain can be and my absolute love for almost anything.

Dance will always be my number one though. Yes. Expressing emotions with movement is a skill and I will forever push forward the fact that Ballet is a sport and Dance is a mega-skill. Anyway, absolutely in love with Kyle Hanagami’s Sam Smith’s choreo this week. He was always my top fave choreographer ever along with the Madrids. It’s not the latest vid but I’m obsessed at how simple and emotional it is. It’s sharp, precise, doesn’t need much dance prowess or high skills to execute it, but lots of practice of course.

Also, can’t get enough of Sam Smith’s song “Like I Can”. The beat. The Beat. THE BEAT. It’s AWESOME.

That goes along with Nick Jonas’ new Release “Jealous”. Like what seriously where did the afro go? After a million girlfriends later and getting rid of the fro, baby Jonas is finally giving me some music to my ears.

Give me a beat. I am absolutely SOLD. Reasons why I am MJ’s biggest fan because his beat is sick as seeeeeck.

Also, rediscovered MercyMe’s classic last night and it’s been on repeat on my iTunes since last night. Quite a drastic change from above but I love it anyways. I can totally imagine myself doing a contemporary to this.

Anyway that’s all for my interests this week. All that beat and soul.

Love love love.

p/s: Getting baptised today!

I was so excited and pumped last night! But this morning I suddenly had this wave of nervousness when I realised my testimony (video) is going to played in front of 3/4 of people I don’t know very well, as well as getting completely soaked in front of them eeeeps.

I shouldn’t be thinking to much. It’s the chatterbox making me victim again.

This is gonna be a moment treasured with God alone and I am not letting anything come in my way. I’m sure He isn’t either.

Fat Hearts to everyone ❤