Seek help, offer help, Be the help

I did not start my morning great today. It started off with a late start, a discussion turned mini-argument with the parents on the July trip back to Malaysia, which I have unfortunately still am having trouble to wrap my head around it despite the previous blog post.

I knew staying at home wouldn’t get my assignment and work done, I had to get out of the house because of the moody environment I had created among myself and my parents. Library was the only option but the drive there made part of my “ceebs” attitude resurface. To top things off, my current spot in the Doncaster library is in between 2 separate tutoring sessions and I can hear this tutor talking about how “SACs in schools are very unfair…”.

I needed to clear my head, this frustration. The effort of coming all the way to the library can’t and shouldn’t be wasted so I decided to open emails in search of a devotion to clear my head.. “God please speak to me pleaseeeeeee…”

The story that God gave me was completely unrelated to what I was going through but nonetheless a hit in the head, which is what I needed.

Story of the crippled man lowered through the roof by others for Jesus to heal him – Mark 2

How is that related?

One can’t go to Jesus alone, we need help. We need guidance. The more hurt or injured we are, the more we need to accept the help offered to us to reach Jesus.. to reach for healing. Vice versa, the more injured the other person is, the more help you have to offer to them.

We can’t do this alone.

I loved doing things alone. Still do sometimes…in fact my whole solo trip to the library was to escape everything to be alone.. guilty.

Crippled man couldn’t do it alone if it wasn’t for the 4 men who made the effort to lower him through the roof… all that effort. If he had so much pride and the men had less compassion, none of it would have happened and no healing can take place.

Too much of today’s mentality of I can do what I want. My own way. Myself has been taken too seriously. I’m not saying it’s bad, I think it’s inspirational but only to a certain extent. If we are hurting to a certain point till we can’t help ourselves anymore, it’s okay to reach out for that help, for that love that others are willing to offer you.

We need to know when to draw the line and honestly see beyond what we can do. There is a reason we humans have been built with the emotional conscience that can throw us out of whack. It needs the feed of help when we can’t do it ourselves.

Please do yourself a favour. Whatever it is,  wherever you are, whoever you maybe… get help or offer the help needed.

I certainly need help myself. Always have, had and do. There were times I left it too late but Thank God for constant reminders and merciful rescues even at the last minute.

p/s: I sent an apology text to my parents before this post in case you were wondering. I tend to wanna mend the tension I have straight after I’ve reached sanity. Reduced that mountain of potential anger and hurt.

Reference: Proverbs31 Ministries



If I told you that being a Christian will only bring about the best things in life and that the world will always go your way… that’s major sugar coating and it’s a lie.

But I still am a Christian.

I still believe in God and His promises even though things never went my way and still hasn’t.

Being spiritual again did not give me instant joy. It gave me strength.

It gave me strength to pull through all the challenges that the world throws at me. It made me discover the strength I never knew existed if I did not believe in Jesus, I sure didn’t think it would be possible. I built more faith through each strength I gain and with that faith I was able to see the promises God had for me each time something tried to beat me down.

Through those promises, it gave me comfort and peace, with that peace, it gave me joy.

Joy still exists with Christ. It was not an easy road for me but I felt that this joy was more satisfactory and lasting. I know it’s hard to believe that we have to work so hard just to feel joy, it sounds discouraging to most, as we live in a world where the easiest path is the path most traveled.

Trust me when I say it gets easy. It does. Having faith in God made me had more faith in myself. I was literally the world’s most insecure girl ever imagined, I disliked every part of me and there was a point in my life I was such a wreck that I did not feel that life was even worth living.

I can honestly say that God saved me. Not just physically but spiritually and it led to emotionally. My emotional health is one of the most important parts of my life and I believe it had a lot of control in the way I conduct myself, but with much spiritual guidance recently I’ve learnt to see the miracles God can do in my life in the littlest of ways.

God is truly real in my life at this very moment of time and will continue to be until the day we meet. I will not lie and say that I was sceptical at one point of my life but only to be truly proven wrong again through miracles He created.

The challenges are not over and I still see them almost everyday, sometimes different and sometimes even harder. I do cry out in prayer sometimes, with actual tears in my eyes, as well as verbal mumblings for strength in adversity. His promises give me faith, He gives me strength and comfort and  I can do all things with Christ in me.

God gives us challenges because He wants to bring the best out of us. It’s hard to grow in a stagnant environment with the same routine. Like how the weather has its seasons, so do we and we have a remedy.