Asians in Media

This video.

A friend of mine in the UK who’s incredibly passionate about film shared it on Facebook a couple of days ago and I’m so glad she did. Everything in this video speaks volumes of the culture we live in cough cough Hollywood.

It’s no doubt that Hollywood shapes the culture we live in, it’s a global thing, everything that stems from there can be viewed in almost everypart of the world (maybe China can be an exception). The message it sends with this whole culture replacement thing is just plain degrading to one of the largest demographic and market to its industry in the world – Asians.

Since a young age growing watching all the mainstream pop culture shows, I always knew there was a lack of Asian representation on TV. Brenda Song was like my idol growing up and pretty much the only Asian in the whole of Disney at the time. In fact right now, I don’t know if there even is one? When Wendy Wu came out  I freaking flipped out.

Because we were so scarce on TV, I always had a thought at the back of my mind on wanting to join the media world, represent my culture with pride (just that my personality doesn’t match… I’m too shy). I did give it a go in school by joining drama but failed because I’m such a major introvert and having an audience scares me.

Some of the best acting in my highschool were done by Asians, but they didn’t carve the Hollywood career for themselves, they became doctors and lawyers.

There’s still a stigmatism and tradition in many Asian families that is hard to break. However, there are some out there whom are willing to let their children break out of that Asian mould of choosing just a steady stable career. That’s been steadily growing (my bestfriend’s cousin is doing well).

We’re out there now, there’s more of us. Pick us and give us roles. Give us a space to share.

Shout out to my bestfriend’s cousin who is a lead on the Nickolodean Show Make It Pop. You rock it Erika (girl in long hair) and do us proud!

Here’s a shamelss promo of that show. (All 3 Asian leads!) Disney… It’s time to step up your game.

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