New tunes, new season of happy

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in this site (actually I did, I have a couple of serious drafts still in process), so this is a less serious… lighter note.. check in to say hi post.

There’s heaps that went on over the past month since my last post. Good and the bad, as always, God wants to keep a balance in our learning curves. The good comes as a reward for overcoming those bad challenges (in my perspective).

Bad points first. I fell incredibly sick on easter break, got myself a horrible eye infection which made my left eye swell and throb double its size. Still has a scar and occasional awkward creasing here and there but it’s healing so praise God! However that whole episode made me so preoccupied of wanting to heal everything faster made me slack behind in uni work, so technically right now, I shouldn’t be here but continue one trying to finish my assignments.

Good points. I have to say, so many I can’t begin. My eye swelling is gone so I’m incredibly happy. I am leading a girls dance group (for like primary aged girls)! We haven’t started yet but I am so excited!! Probably more than I should be. This wasn’t the original reaction I gave when I was first told to do it, in fact I must admit I probably gave a pretty reluctant face. But going home and sleeping on the idea and falling back on my childhood dreams of being a dance teacher one day, I’ve come to embrace this whole idea, in fact I’m pretty darn excited.

Next, new music. ohmygosh. New music. Despite my sick week, I managed to sneak in a night at the Planetshakers conference last week and God blessed my ears with some amazing music that my soul can just cry out to Him everyday with them, no joke. It’s not just Planetshakers but I managed to encounter some pretty some pretty sweet sounds a few weeks before when procrastinating on Youtube (Bethel Musiccccccccccc).

Anyway here are those sweet links that will be too selfish of me not to share!

so gooooooooood

listening to this takes me to a magical place I can just go to heaven

I feel so empowered after listening to this… it makes me feel like I can do anything (I can)

So I should get back to what I’m meant to be doing, being the good student I should be.

I should add, I’m back to some fasting too. First one was a success so second round here we go 🙂

I promise after this assignment I’ll be back with more posts and music and shindigs.

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