It’s such a mess – War summary

Just in case you’re a clueless noob like me, who’s been so occupied with your own life but hearing these news snippets of bombs and getting angry with all the hurt and killing… but actually don’t really know what is happening and what is causing it…

I found the perfect video to explain that confusion

Honestly, America… mind your own business.

I guess this applies to us in life. The more people, the more drama and then there’s war. Sometimes it’s okay to take a back seat, it’s okay not to win, it’s okay to not have a say.

I know there’s a lot of advice in this world where we must “take a stand on what we believe in”… “fight for our rights”

Is it worth it?

I honestly feel… my own personal opinion, the peace among people holds far better importance than power and right.

A United Stand

It hurts to know what happened on Nov 13th. It makes people angry, especially to those where Paris and the French people hold a special place in their hearts. Discovering the motives of these horrendous actions just fuels more anger, hurt and sadness, which the media is doing an extremely good job on their part.

My cousins are French, born Parisians and raised Aussies. But they are stil French and it’s thick in their blood. Their grandparents live in Paris and they are the sweetest, I’ve met both Mami and Papi personally and their tante is an absolute gem. So yes, Paris and the people have a close place in my heart and it definitely shook our family. My aunt came over to our house the next day with the worry of not being able to get in contact with her in-laws who live on the fringe of Paris, it was devastating (we later found out they’re alright).

Seeing the support Paris is getting does warms my heart, it truly does. I woke up this morning to my Facebook feed with an influx of friends changing their display pictures to the French flag filters. Every single social media platform I was logging on had their logos switched to the French flag. My instagram was streaming in with photos of the Tour Eiffel as a peace sign of the Tour itself.Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.34.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.44.06 PM

My aunt and cousins had the filters on and it was natural that they did.  I was about to do the same, I wanted to stand in solidarity with the French people, but then something held me back.


Paris isn’t the only city hurting.

Japan just experienced a devastating earthquake.

A suicide bombing attack just occurred in Beirut, killing and wounding over 200 people.

Baghdad experienced suicide bombings as well…

I don’t see Facebook doing any filters for them.

The Syria and Palestine war has been ongoing for months, the refugee crisis was all over the news. Shooting and bombings were a daily catastrophe and traumatizing event for the people. It is terrorizing, mentally and physically. It has become the norm for some of these children.

France is full on social media savvy compared to the other side of the world. Their sudden peace and comfort definitely shook their world and their people took the social media by storm, alerting others across the world with the exact same privileges.

The Syrians and middle-eastern people don’t have that privilege. Their cries of help have been going on for months, people see them as pests as they stream into Europe for refuge. Facebook hasn’t give them a “filter” for support over the past few months. #prayforsyria wasn’t trending.

Like I said, I love France and it holds a special place in my heart. But I don’t want to just ONLY stand for Paris and #prayforparis. As God’s people we should show a united front, we should show solidarity for the world, for the other innocent people hurting. Paris needs our prayers BUT so does others.

It hurts my heart that even through this difficult time, people are choosing sides on who to pray for, casting out Muslims and throwing shade at others. The real enemy rejoices when he sees this because that is what he wants, he wants to see the brokenness in people and he thrives in seeing all the hurt and anger, he stirs more trouble by killing more.

We can’t pick sides. It is time, we as humanity, to set aside our differences and stand together and pray for everyone and open our eyes, look out for other brothers and sisters in countries that are in permanent suffering. We shouldn’t let one major event open our eyes and shun the other ongoing problems.

The media plays a huge role in this no doubt. It is undeniably one of the most powerful tool in the 21st century, it can make or break people, it can make or break the world.

We are part of the media. We all own a social media account. We take charge of what we post and share. We CAN make or break the world. We have the tool to change it. Use it.

Here’s one of my favourite songs from the Legend himself, because.. We are the World that God has blessed us with.

In Secret

Just a little background music of my current fav worship song while you read

As you know.. I’ve been fasting. And struggling… with fasting.

Fasting is suppose to come with prayer. Which I admit, was only consistent for only the first 3 days. Then the hunger started to kick in and each time it did, I get edgy and moody and tend to sleep earlier or more. My tolerance level went lower for everything and my mood for studying just went down. My brother thinks I’m crazy to pick the exam period as a time of fasting, so does my dad.. and maybe you.

I’ve been avoiding meet ups with friends at night as they come with food. I know we’re suppose to fast in silence and keep in a secret as God is the only one who is supposed to know, but I didn’t want my friends to think I was starving so I told them anyway, on Day 2. Thankfully… somehow, either they have memory issues or it was meant to be, they forgot that I was fasting again and they were offering me popcorn during movie night the very next day. That was the last time I was out at night. No more.

Sunday came, I was off-duty for kids church due to my exams (such a kind boss). I honestly had this temptation to wag church since I didn’t need to be there anyway (for duty calls). But something didn’t seem right if I skipped, which was obviously due to the fasting, so I went anyway.

The message was “Don’t Stop Rowing“, by one of our church elders. Telling us the importance of spending alone time with God and I quote..

Jesus spends some time alone with God and so must I

He emphasised alone. I thought to myself, that’s easy… I love being alone and I always and love praying alone anyway. He was telling us basically that prayer meets and groups were not enough. I subconsciously thought this was something aimed towards the more extroverted part of the congregation.

I went home. Next minute for devotions… I got the same message on ODJ about Saving SolitudeCoincidence much?

I felt like it should be something to blog about. But morning came and I got distracted with stuff and went shopping with mum and lunch with my friend. I decided to scroll on Instagram and then…

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.57.39 PM

WHO’S WATCHING | How many times have we given to the needy or practiced a random act of kindness without status updating it on Facebook? How often do we sit alone at church and spend time with God, secretly hoping that your pastor walks in and sees you? Could it be that we don’t believe that God is watching when we give to the needy and that He isn’t listening when we pray hence seeking the validation of man for our good deeds? When Jesus teaches us how to pray, the first thing He mentions is to go into our rooms and shut the door. It’s not easy to sit in an empty room and pray if you don’t believe that God is present and listening. However if we truly do believe that He is, we wouldn’t feel the need for our prayer times to be noticed by people for we are only robbing ourselves of God’s reward, far greater than the reward of man. Pray in secret and receive God’s reward in full today. #sundaysermon #heartbeatchurch #matthew6vs6 #dailydevotions #oneonetime

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God is definitely trying to tell me something.

Yes I do pray alone. Very good at that and I absolutely suck at group prayer. But..

I’m not praying enough

At this moment of fasting, I should be praying more than I should be. I was fasting and praying for a purpose, I should be consistent. My physical hunger should also represent my spiritual hunger and be filled by the spirit. I shouldn’t be venting on others and blaming my moods on hunger, it’s like a direct blame towards God. When clearly… me.

I know if you’re a non-believer you must believe I’m crazy as. This girl must be fasting as a disguise for dieting. I do admit though, I stepped on the scales and it did drop in the first few days but it’s climbing back up again (honestly no idea why). I shouldn’t be focussed on the scales and it was never my intention in the first place, my intention was to find my purpose in life. Which I have yet to find.

God will satisfy this hunger I have. He will lead me and guide me. Jesus did it for 40 days. I am a daughter of Christ and with Him by my side, I can too.