Library Feels

Currently waiting for my lecture to load in the local library and this is the downloading speed

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.30.38 AM

Not quite the start I wanted for the morning. I woke up at 7.30am, ready to start SWOTVAC (aussie study vacation, it’s not even a vacation). I know I haven’t been the best student this semester even though I needed to be, I spent it on worrying what I was gonna be in the future instead of studying hard. I let all of it get the better of me, now 3 weeks to the exam with 2 assignments due, I realized the urgency to finally get my shit together (which is pretty late) and then the internet gives me this.

I want to cry.

But no, I won’t cry.

I have a policy, my own little policy with myself that I don’t cry in public (unless it is from laughing…  that’s uncontrollable).

To top it off, there’s a crazy old lady not far away, talking on the phone in loudspeaker VERY LOUDLY, talking about her blood bank issues and blood problems. She got told off by the librarian, she nodded her head and continued the phone call, this time WHISPERING LOUDLY into a STILL A LOUDSPEAKER PHONE CALL.


Thank God, some brave boy walked up to her and told her straight-up to put it back to normal mode and insisted he’s trying to study. Thank you brave boy, your deeds are very much appreciated.

I really need the peace and focus today. I need it so bad.

God please, Please, PLease PLEase, PLEAse, PLEASE…

Help me and deliver me from this disorder I am in… In Jesus Name.

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