Last sappy emotional post

Your thoughts influence your feelings”

I think my counsellor was right to a certain extent. I realised that I have been having such negative thoughts lately and my outlook on life has been slumping ever since. I have been questioning everything that was occurring and not seeing or trying to understand the reasoning behind it.

I am a very blessed kid. Yet sometimes I struggle to see it because of the expectations and people that surrounded me seemed to always have it better. I feel that there was something lacking in myself that is preventing me to get to these things. I was blaming myself so many times and occasionally, at the peak of my stress, I blamed my family as well.

My view on life has been pretty much like that viral Macca’s chart that’s been going around my feed

Never again! But yet I still love it.

My heart has been taking this emotional rollercoaster the past few months and I admit it still hasn’t stopped. But no it ain’t broken yet

I believed that the day I gave my heart to Jesus, it will be safe, always safe, never hurting.

God never promised be it will not hurt, but He promised me it will not be shattered. I felt the bruise and the pain so many times when I felt let down (with almost anything). But I know one thing for sure, I will not die with a broken heart because it is safe in God. He will guard my heart and it is still safe, with faith.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”
Proverbs 4:23

So this is the end of all sad sappy posts. I shall be posting more happy hearted stuff from now on to remind myself the joys that God has blessed me in this life. (friends and fam)

Recently went to a trip to the Whitsundays in Queensland! So that will be a post to look out for. (I already made a vid)

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