10 Malaysian Foods You Just Can’t Find Overseas

I miss putu mayam the most 😥

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1. Chilli Pan Mee


Just mix it all up and you get noodle heaven. Impossible to find!

2. Ramly Burger


Definitely not the posh-est burger but it is such an awesome guilty pleasure. You can find this literally in every street corner of KL. PS: Sauce will drip everywhere so be careful!

3. Banana Leaf Rice


Ane, kuah campur, papadam bagi lebih sikit! (mixed gravy, more papadams please)

Delicious hearty meal no doubt.

4. Roti Tissue


Ever tried dipping this in condensed milk? 😉

5. Ikan Bakar


Ahh..grilled fish in banana leaves. No need for posh salmon, ikan kembung cukup!

6. Lemang


Glutinous rice cooked in bamboo… Tastes amazing sweet and savoury!

7. Otak-Otak


Brain-brain. Intimidating name but we all wished these ‘brains’ were sold overseas too!

8. Putu Mayam


Who knew flour, brown sugar and coconut went together so well?? Tip: always mix the brown sugar and coconut…

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