Belated reflections and resulotions


While the year is still young and before 2014 is too far behind us, it’s better to do this post sooner than later. Also a fantastic excuse to test out this hand me down iPad keyboard from mum on my brand new iPad that dad won from some bank competition. Combination of lucky and blessed hehe..

I can’t sum up 2014 in a sentence. It was a crazy year, like a year with such great ups and crazy downs. I would say it’s a year I definitely made much more friendships with others compared to 2013, it’s one of those new year resolutions I got right. It was also the year where I saw church and God in a completely new spectrum (which I pretty much documented a lot on this blog). Of course it was also the year I started this blog to do the worst rants on the planet and spew out my whole brain even when I hate to do it so publicly such irony.

It may sound like I accomplished a lot, like it was a pretty killer year, but it was also the year I was told I may have had depression without knowing it. I think being told that fact by the counsellor just made me more depressed way to go mate. I scored the suckiest results in my academics in my entire living history, which was pretty much the cause of my down low. A huge part of me wanted to blame God for the whole episode as I was beginning on such a journey with Him already. But I saw it as a wake up call that God was trying to give me, I was being too slack. I was.

Then the mission trip and a whole December whirlwind. I tell you, December is like everyone’s most dramatic month of the year. With all these holidays and festivities, it can never be as smooth sailing as we envisioned it to be months ahead. Something always pops up, trust me, even when it starts good. It’s like a December thing.


I seriously don’t know what to expect from you. I’ll be completely honest, more than half the things that happened in 2014 were completely out of the blue. I remember late January last year, while the year was still young and not too late for resolution making, I surrendered my year to God. My breaking down prayer from all the anxiety the day before serving in kid’s church for the first time, it’s still fresh in my brain.

God gave me 2014. It was a roller coaster ride. No I had no regrets. If there was any one thing I’d take out of it?

Trusting God. With all my heart and soul. Taking that gigantic leap of faith.

Lord, I don’t know what you’re going to do again this year. But I’m going to do the same thing as I did before and always will, 2015 is for You. Take it and use me. Give me the strength and guidance to accept and pursue whatever that You throw at me, to shield whatever that is going to stop me. Keep me strong and make me stronger in You. Keep me diligent and alert, especially in Uni, even though it can be such a drain but please give me energy.

One thing I know for sure, I wanna keep growing in the love for Jesus. He has shown me so much last year on all the things I could accomplish with Him, we’re like a freaking A team and beyond. I just can’t wait on how 2015 is going to turn out, I pray that it’s going to be more amazing, I pray the friendships I made last year will continue to grow and the friendships I made before that to continue to be strong.

I can already foresee 2015 being a challenging one, but which year isn’t? It’s the challenges that make the stories interesting and ourselves stronger. But with Jesus, it’ll be okay, I know it will be. The team is ready for any game, so bring it on!

My 2015 motto


p/s: I conclude that the laptop keyboard still wins for blogging and long winded essays. If you have big fingers, I suggest to not even bother going for a tablet keyboard. I have like the smallest fingers among all the humans I know and I’m struggling. However it’s a win when taking lecture notes, gives you the speed compared to tapping the screen. But the money investment for short note-taking? Probs not worth it unless you’re a full time short-note taker like me aka student. (Mine is a hand-me-down from mum, she hates it)

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