Hard Driven

This is the first time I’m blogging straight from the WordPress app on my phone. As a person who loves to do long winded posts, I’m not liking the fact only my thumbs are given the privilege to type. Can’t wait to get back to my computer again after the next 10 days of mission trip (21st century kid problems)


Currently waiting for my flight gate to open. I’m half an hour early. This will be the first Malaysian Airlines flight I’ve taken in ages, it had a rough year and I used to be one of their frequent flyers, will be lying if I said I wasn’t traumatized with all their recent 2014 events.

God be with me on this flight.

After all that long winded happy conclusion post I did yesterday, the most unlikely thing happened to me. My hard drive fell. 600GBs worth of assignments, homework, music, photo and movies all vanished. All the beautiful memories.

I was just consoling myself that God was going to make me feel better after all the unprepared feelings for this mission trip. Seriously the devil is trying so hard.. So damn hard.

Devil, you mad?

Coz you just made me mad. Nobody makes me mad, if you make me mad.. You dead.

You can break my hard drive and steal everything away from me.

But I am hard driven.

In Jesus name, I’m still going on this trip and nobody ain’t gonna pull me down. Don’t you dare mess with me.


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