Tunes Tunes Tunes 1.0

I wouldn’t say I’m musical but I love music. It’s hard to hate music when you love dance.

Music + Dance = Marriage Package

I’m going to start doing this weekly music review of all these crazy awesome tunes I hear during my week. So yes, you’ll get to discover a bit of me in this process. People say music tells a lot about a person. Okay maybe it’s not just a bit of me then.


Meghan Trainor just dropped this beat and it’s BANGING!

love it. Everything. love it.

Ella Henderson is my favourite powerhouse right now. I’ve got her whole album and it is freaking powerboom all the way. This is her rendition of You Got The Love.

ack so good.

Last but not least. Ed Sheeran. Guys, this is my future wedding song. Yes this is part of my future I am going to predict. The face of the man waiting for me at the end of the aisle is still blank, but yes.. this song.
it’s my overplayed song on my ipod this week.

omg. the dance. won my heart.

also, I should let you know, I got tickets to his concert.

ahhhhaaaaa wheeeee dooooopie!

future husband, take note, this is gonna be our dance. don’t drop me.

So yes! Here we go! I have a very wide range of music genres that I listen to, that’s my style. Well hopefully that tells you more about me hohoho

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