The ride

One of my favourites, the Manta in SeaWorld San Diego. I sat it at least 3 times before I left. If the queue was shorter I would’ve been on it 10 times. Best adrenaline rush

I see the journey with God like an adventure, like a roller coaster, for someone who loves thrill and adrenaline like me, I love it. Everyone has their own interpretation about their journey with God, this is mine.

It has twists and turns, I will go upside down and I may puke, in the same time I will feel that wind and thrill in my face, my heart will beat fast and at the end of it all, I’ll be like That was freaking awwwesooome! I wanna do it again.

But I don’t always jump in that seat with confidence. I don’t know that route that the roller coaster will be taking me, I didn’t build it, God built it. I will start of with fear, anxiety and doubt. It takes courage to even say a prayer sometimes, it takes courage to cry out for help and admit you are scared. It takes trust and faith.

Sometimes the roller coasters take you to pitch black areas, dark and scary, they aren’t always outdoors and sunny. Anxiety will start to strike again. It still takes trust and faith even when already riding on a coaster.

God has already built that track, a solid track, I won’t know what is going to happen, I will just have to let His mechanism run for me, because I trust Him. I already know that it will end, there will be and ending like all roller coasters do, mine ends in heaven and I am still up on this ride.

He says it’s okay to scream on this ride. It is part of this process, let it go and let it out. He is my harness and safety belt and he won’t let go. The faith is the harness, if I let it go, I will fall.

Many times my harness had become loose, it wasn’t always tight and safe, but it was always hanging on, even on the thinnest of ropes, God’s love is so strong to hold on to. He won’t let me fall.

Even though I’m currently scared, it’s dark and I honestly don’t know where I am but I’m still on that seat, I still have my harness on. The adventure is not over yet, He tells me. Don’t miss out on all the fun.

I won’t God. I won’t.

It will be too good to miss.


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