So it begins


I’ve restarted my non-beginner ballet classes again at The Australian Ballet! I was so excited that saturday morning, I normally took the Thursday night classes when the school is pretty quiet and the students will be just us adult casual ballerinas.

But this time, I actually got a glimpse into the studio where the Artistic Director of the company, David Mcallistor was giving a class! Can you believe that? I couldn’t. I just stood outside transfixed at everything, taking in all that I could in the presence of ultimate dance greatness. The girls gave out a graceful masculine aura, the boys the same. I’ve only seen boy ballerinas on screen, never live and this time I actually got to see them in practice.

I had my existing teacher from my previous classes, Jane Casson.

Photocred: Behind Ballet


She was a soloist in the company and she just retired because of the birth of her child. Having a company dancer as your teacher is a big deal (well for me it is), I feel so blessed, hyped and amazed at this opportunity. Making the situation better was that she remembers my name, my name, my name. I have this incredibly hard asian name and no one ever gets it right, everyone forgets me after because it just takes so much effort to remember but Jane Casson remembers me.


The first lesson was amazing. I felt my whole body work, the soreness and aches came in a good way. I know I have been getting a lot of comments from my family and friends on getting back to ballet after my ACL, but nothing gives me so much joy. I admit my knee still hurts now and then but it is my cross to carry and I accept it. I am glad and grateful I managed to go through a surgery to make it better, the healing will come its way in God’s time. The fact I still am able to jump around and do my splits, I am already grateful that the fall God gave me was just a minor one.

He only took a minor part of my gift away, He still left a spark in there for me. It’s up to me how I use it and how much I am going to trust Him on this journey to make me better, because I know He will. 

We’re on this mission together.



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