Study Playlist – more like study album

I go nuts over animated films, not the Japanese kind but more of the fairytale non-realistic Disney style kind. Over the holidays I got the opportunity to watch How to Train Your Dragon the second. So amazing I couldn’t get over it in just a night’s sleep. I rewatched number one the next day, all it’s trailers just to relive the dragon flying moments. Seriously why can’t I fly one too

If you, like me, a massive fan of make believe moving drawings (this time by computers), you should seriously consider the soundtracks. They literally take you back into the movie, this time it’s not Hiccup or Astrid but yourself and maan you will be flying (in your mind only).

Being a music student before, banging on the piano and screeching violin strings, I’ve come to appreciate orchestral music a little bit more than others. I think, they are the highlight and the most important part of a movie and if you ever want to make a fantasy film without orchestral music, you clearly don’t know your stuff mate.

So yes as you can guess by now, the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack is currently my ultimate favourite album of all orchestral music right now. Good for you if you’re a fan of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Bach (I can name more), but for me, movie orchestrals win at everything. This time it’s John Powell and that guy is a genius Genius GENIUSSS!! Love him and the music big time.

Probably not the best idea to have an album like that on when trying to get things into the head but it definitely will help you get stuff done. It’s inspiring (no lyrics involved). I feel like flying and sometimes I wish I was Astrid and that I own my very own Toothless.

I should keep on dreaming then. Will listen to them as they transition me into flying dreams.

This is my ultimate favourite

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