Bucket List

It’s been something I was meaning to do since a while back, but I never really got the time and motivation to put them into words. Uni starts next week and I have 2 days left to my extremely unproductive holiday. I just spent the last few days of my holiday watching Youtube videos, envying my friend’s South American trip, watch Hamish & Andy’s South American trip, watch even more travel videos and read a blog post about the 9 things I should do while I’m single.

I decided, I am still single, this is a blessing, it is imperative that I should do a bucket list before time runs out.
If it does, I don’t really care but my other half will just have to tag along with me and do everything before I get married/havekids or probably drag the kids along. If he doesn’t thats just too bad he’s not on the list.

Here’s the list. I’ll add a few that I’ve done too

  1. Go on a Missions Trip
  2. Skydiving
  3. Sandboarding
  4. Ride a Vespa
  5. Ride a Vespa in Rome
  6. Go to Rome
  7. Bungee Jumping
  8. Scuba Dive – Great Barrier
  9. Scuba Dive – Indian Ocean
  10. Scuba Dive – Aquarium
  11. Skiing  Not ever again though
  12. Rock Climbing – Mt Arapiles
  13. Rock Climb Grampians
  14. Ride a Segway at just anywhere.. preferably Europe
  15. Learn to ride a unicycle
  16. Go to Keone + Mariel Madrid’s Masterclass to be done hopefully
  17. Get my driver’s license This Friday! hopefully…
  18. Drive that tractor like thing but not a tractor and race in the desert
  19. Go-Karting No one ever gets the hint I want this for my birthday
  20. Hike Grand Canyon
  21. Maybe live in New York just a little while for fun
  22. Lead a Youth Group
  23. Appear in a film
  24. Go to a Broadway in New York
  25. Go to any Broadway
  26. Appear in Broadway
  27. Get my Bachelor Degree
  28. Get my Masters
  29. Go to Japan
  30. Go to Machu Pichhu and see the Lost Vllage
  31. Go to New Zealand
  32. Take a class in a Professional Ballet School The Australian Ballet yay!
  33. Bring someone to know Christ
  34. Share Christ
  35. Preach a sermon Very far away in the future
  36. Go to Mauritius
  37. Go to the Maldives  and AGAIN
  38. Go to Bali
  39. Go to Shanghai
  40. Go to the Great Wall and AGAIN
  41. Get a car
  42. Get a job that earns me 5 figures
  43. Give my parents a Holiday
  44. Sit First Class
  45. Cruise Atlantic
  46. Summer on a yacht
  47. Meet a celebrity
  48. Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland
  49. Greeeece
  50. Sponsor a child
  51. there will be more to fill
  52. Meet my soulmate
  53. Wedding in a castle
  54. Mum & Dad at Wedding
  55. Be a mother
  56. Send my kids to private school
  57. See my kids get married
  58. Be a Grandmother and tell all my amazing grandbabies about all my adventures
  59. See Jesus

Well, it’s not finished but I hope I’ll be able to achieve most of them and eventually would love to have 47 onwards. They’re not in order but I hope I do everything before 58.

Life would be amazing

Actually anything that God plans for me will be anything, because I know I can do all things with Christ in me.

Life is less depressing now.

Now I can’t wait to get uni started. I wanna get this bucket list gooooing

p/s: Also one of the motivation to do this is because I just came back from my orthopedic surgeon yesterday and that my knee graft is strong with just a small cyclopse lesion (nothing major). This is epic! It’s an all clear to get going with my life and adventures!

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