That’s a very 12 year old thing to say but I’m saying it now anyway even though it’s 8 years past that time.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love my mum.

I know I haven’t been the best daughter most of the time. I know that because she always brings out all the random examples of “perfect daughters” which I don’t know where she got them from and I certainly don’t mirror those examples. I can’t do a lot of shit yes. My mum will then hear more stories from others and go, “See what kind of children do I have? None like them.”

As much as I want to be better it’s hard when you have a mum like that. I don’t understand. I get really annoyed. Instead of feeling inspired by those examples which is probably what my mother wants and hopes we do, I tend to do the opposite. Yes, and that makes me the definition of a bad daughter. I can’t stand the fact that I need to be something like this and that. Stupid examples. I know you make your mama happy and they’re proud, but it’s making mine miserable and making me even more miserable because I can’t seem to be like you guys. Please stop. Not stop being good to your mum but ask your mummies to stop boasting. Omgeedness its not making the world a better place.



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