Because they said YOLO

I’m having SWOTVAC (study vacation) right now. I’m meant to study. I have exams in 9 days. I’m not prepared. It’s 1.30am.

Here I am anyway.

It was August 11th 2011. I remember heading towards the bus with my friends, bags packed, saying goodbye to other friends and with a heart full of excitement and adventure. It was the boarding house life, staying in a room and living in school could get pretty boring so I signed up to every activity and opportunity I get to leave the room or boarding house. My extreme YOLO attutude played a part too. I love outdoors, adventure and anything weird. What more could I ask if I could go with a few of my friends? I embarked on a ski trip for the first time that day.

I remembered my aunty texting me “Stay safe”, my brother telling me “don’t die” and my room neighbour saying “Don’t get injured”.

Those farewell wishes, who knew it would actually come true.

It was August 12th 2011. The baby sloped were a breeze. Thanks to the years of ballet and dance background, my balance and strength kept me stable and one of the few who didn’t fall at all. The instructors praised me and that obviously boosted my pride. A few of my friends kept landing on their bums continuously, in my heart I was like, “Dear God, thank you for sending me to ballet all these years.” I swear ballet is kickass. Still the best sport and muscle training I’ve ever had in my life. Pretty much explainable in the extreme toned bodies of ballerinas.

She thought I was good, the instructor, who was also the French teacher of our school. She felt I was ready for the big game so she took me along to the big slopes with the chair lifts with a couple of others. Like seriously, my heart was all WHOOHOO at this point. Adrenaline rush everywhere due to excitement. I could’ve wet my pants anytime then.

The big slopes, they were no joke. I wasn’t scared. I loved heights and I’m a pretty good rock-climber myself. I loved climbing and abseiling down things, those were steep and these slopes should be easy. I was so wrong. 

Firstly, this was snow. It’s ice. It’s slippery. I forgot that steepness and ice gives you speed. Like seriously all the physics tests I aced in school were blanked of with my confidence and excitement. I fell on the snow for the first time on the big slope. My friends laughed, because I finally took a fall like they did in the baby slopes. It was a baby fall the first one, I laughed too. I fell a couple more times, each time I fell, the skis came off, it started to get annoying. I saw the distance I had to conquer before I reached the end. It was long.

I prayed a silent prayer. “God, I know you’re there, I know you’re here with me. Keep me safe. I trust you.” Fear had started to creep in and the excitement diminished as quickly as it came. The friends who came with me were calling all over. I was still leading the pack in the front. Suddenly my instructor yelled, “You don’t have to wait for us! You can go ahead and go faster!” She had so much confidence in me. She got that wrong too.

To be completely honest. I wasn’t ready. But the slopes started to look like a monster and I wanted to get back down as soon as possible to get it over with and the only way down was skiing. I did what she told me to do.

The speed. It was fast. It was the fastest. SHIT. I felt like I was losing control. I was. I said a quick version of my silent prayer. As soon as I said that, I crossed my skis to try and slow down. The friction wasn’t there though…

The skis didn’t come off as I fell this time.

I was on my face the next second

My legs an awkward position

I couldn’t feel my legs

Just pure sheer sharp pain seared across  my body.

Little did I know my life wouldn’t be the same for next 2 years.

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