They call it Oestrogen and Progesterone

I’m going to use a very bad word throughout this post to prevent myself from typing long phrases like “extremely hormonal, agitated, moody and mean female”. So if you are 13 years old and below, I’d suggest you to not read further or just don’t tell your parents that you even came across this post.

Women, can be bitches. Actually they all are, we all are. I know this because I am one myself (female). Look, the only reason why some of us are supposedly nicer is because of the way we can control our inner bitchiness. I don’t know, this may sound harsh, if you’ve never been a bitch you’ve never been a female.

I know heaps of girls telling me before like, “Oh, I prefer being friend’s with boys.. the girls around me are so bitchy and dramatic!” That’s so common, I don’t blame you if you do. But for me, I’ve never really been friends with boys. Most of my closest friends and the people I interact with are mostly girls even though being brought up in a co-ed environment 80% of my schooling years and just 2.5 years in a girls school. You must be thinking, I’m really good with tolerating bitchy girls.

Yes I’ve had the experience. I mean living with 140 girls in the same building especially in senior high school where your-grades-mean-everything taught me a lot. I went to a girls boarding school. Shit gets crazy. I’m not talking about grabbing pillows and flinging about corridors or hair-grabbing cat fights. It’s very much the opposite, it’s when HEY-HOW-YOU-DOIN-GURLFRAN personas stay incrediby silent, especially exam time. The catfight ensues in the mind. It’s like every girl to herself. COMPETITION. BITCH ALERT ON.

no more cray days together

Your once extremely loud crazy girlfriend goes shhh.. Doesn’t talk to you.. Doesn’t stare at you (if she does her face is probably really long or flicks back after a millisecond). You start to think and doubt yourself, you think you did something wrong but you don’t know what the heck you did, you think you’re the culprit, you get really sad and you don’t dare to confront her because “you don’t want to create drama”. Then, you start to think she’s such a bitch, things like “what the hell is wrong with this girl” runs through your head, you start to display pretty much the exact same characteristics she does to you in the first place. Cycle goes round. Everyone is basically feeling the exact same thing about each other but doesn’t dare to confront each other. Quiet bitching starts to happen behind your backs, cliques happen. This girl hates this girl because she’s such a bitch and vice-versa. Basically hating each other and hating themselves.

Exam stress well-done.

Academic bitching like “she didn’t tell me about that stupid test AND SHE’S MY FRIEND”, fashion bitching “OMG whadaheck she’s wearing my dress.. SHE’S STEALING MY SHINE”, etc.. it’s actually tolerable bitching. I’ve never really been in them but I see them a lot and I just laugh about it (that’s probably my bitchself). They can be actually quite interesting..

To the girls who prefer to stick with your guy friends.. that’s when the drama starts. I believe girls bring the ultra bitch out of them when a boy comes into the circle. I mean it. It’s worse than any other form of bitchiness – boy botching.


I came to realise this when my friends and I left our girls school for uni. The big clique got split into 2 because of the distance of our universities. The bitch-fights we had in high school were far behind us, like I said, those bitching are so small and minor and seriously don’t matter. Like I’ve mentioned before, somehow I was and still am socially awkward with guys. I never really do the approaching, if I was given the choice I’d much prefer to work in an all-girl group. I find it easier to communicate and our wavelengths are pretty much similar. I continued to remain in my little girly clique from highschool, it shrunk a bit but it didn’t matter.. the drama was less too so it was awesome. We still communicated with those from our clique before, they’ve created their own new cliques in their new uni’s and environments and will tell us about the dramas that ensued in their respective cliques.

Nothing much happens in my little clique ever since we started to shrink, we realized that our gossip session mainly composed of the dramas that ensued with our other friends in their new cliques. “Why are they so happening? Why on earth do they always have bitchfights and dramas and we are so smooth sailing?”, my bestie asked one day. We stared at each other, our little shrunk clique.


Girl A gets to close with Guy A because she’s been in a girls school for too long. Flirtmeter booms up real high and breaks the scales, everyone sees it and everyone knows. Girl B is annoyed with Girl A’s flirtiness, gives her the silent treatment that was common in boarding school. Girl A is oblivious, “doesn’t know” what she did wrong and returns the silent treatment. Both girls label each other bitches. Girl C is sick of the drama as both Girl A and Girl B bitch about themselves to her. Girl C leaves the clique and says “Boys are much better! They are less dramatic!” She leaves and joins a clique of boys. Girl A and Girl B think she’s doing it out of attention-seeking purposes from the boys, Girl C becomes “the attention-seeking bitch”.


Girl A probably wasn’t flirting. The guy might’ve started it. She could’ve been just friendly. Lets just say all girls somehow interpret it that if a girl is nice with a guy she’s flirting.

Hence why I never really try to get myself close with guys. I try my best not to. If I know that there is a drama to ensue I try my best to leave it. I for starters don’t even know how to flirt. I don’t know how my friendliness will be interpreted and girls have 10000 definitions of friendly. The line between friendly and flirting is VERY THIN.

So if you want to maintain your relationship with your girlfriends.. Especially those you don’t really know well and just met. Try to keep away from including guys in your clique. It’s a different story if you’ve known each other for years as she might understand you and know your intentions, but even that sometimes I won’t guarantee..

For me, it takes a lot of strength from God to tolerate fellow bitches and keep my inner bitch calm.. I’ll admit it’s sometimes quite hard.


But girls.. sighh we are very unpredictable. God knows why.. it’s the oestrogen and progesterone but sadly we need them to produce babies. Sorry to our future children. Mother’s are the classic example of legally being a bitch to their children. If they weren’t bitchy to us we will never learn…

So bitchiness sometimes does bring a bit of good to the world.





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